Covid Coach – Group care for Employer

It is the world’s first personal health app paired with a community/enterprise symptom monitoring web application to maximize the community’s management power over the COVID-19 epidemic.

It is a three-layered system composed of a self-monitoring personal health app on your mobile phone, a mobile community/factory administrator app for advice and tracking, and a government/corporate-wide monitoring web application.

Health organizations such as CDC and the WHO recommend that return to work best practices should require employers to monitor employee health through testing, wellness checks and self-reporting (where employees identify how they are feeling through an app)

  • Personal Health Monitoring

  • Effective Management for Community/Factory

  • Nation/Corperation-wide Monitoring Epidemics

Manage Child’s Fever SMART with ‘Fever Coach’!

Enter the body temperature and record medication history!

Tell us your symptom, we give you advice based on body temperature.

Set alarm and record body temperature, medicines, symptoms in Memos.

It would be helpful for your treatment if you show comprehensive report to your doctor.

Read body temperature easily with ‘FeverCoach Patch Thermometer’!

FeverCoach has a smart thermometer that makes it easy for parents to take their child’s temperature.

Just attach a smart thermometer under your child’s armpit, tag it, and then use your mobile phone to take the temperature when necessary.

It’s so comfortable that a child doesn’t even realize it’s there.

You never again have to wake your child to take their temperature.

Don’t miss a temperature reading either because our smart app reminds parents when and if they need to take a reading.

  • No Battery Needed

  • Medical silicone cover

  • IP27 Semi-permanent material

  • Reusable