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We were founded by a team of Doctors who are passionate about delivering the next generation of health care systems to the palm of your hand.  From our early days work in enabling parents to track and monitor their children’s cold and flu symptoms to today’s large-scale ICT COVID-!9 surveillance and assistance platform for governments and industry we have always stayed focused on delivering the best service possible to all customers.

Members – US

Steve Artim – CEO

Steve has been starting and growing disruptive technology companies in Silicon Valley for more than twenty-five years.  His passion is creating great companies with excellent teams that can and do change the world.    Steve is a mobile technologies subject matter expert.  Over the last twenty years his companies have been focused on everything from deploying Telco grade platforms for changing and upgrading our phones mobile software known as mobile device management to using the phone as an indoor marketing and safety device for the enterprise and governments.

“FeverCoach is one of those amazing companies.  The company has been building health monitoring apps for children in South Korea for over six years.  It was the first company to develop this type of personal health monitoring and advice app in the world. Young moms and dads who have used the app for years absolutely love us.  We are bringing that same passion to help others to the enterprise world with our new CovidCoach product that will help companies keep their workers safe and informed.”

Namsoo Oh – CTO

Nam-soo Oh was an early pioneer in next-generation health care applications and has expertise of embodying the great idea and knowledge of experts into the language of technology and business.
He strongly believes that every solution should be based on the compassion for users, not the technology itself, and understands that the key lies on the perseverance of seeing to the needs which only be seen in the field until the satisfactory end.
It’s why he has the 700K of enthusiastic young parents customers with Fever Coach as one of the Founding members of MobileDoctor. Working with doctors and AI experts in the major market will develop new and better health care solutions with the same secret source of victory.

Myeongchan Kim – CMIO

Myeongchan Kim, M.D., is a deep-learning scientist. After becoming a physician practitioner, he translated his life-interest in artificial intelligence into a career by studying programming at the NEXT institute and subsequently working as a postdoc at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where he studied deep-learning & medical imaging and led clinical research projects on the latest AI technologies in collaboration with physicians, researchers, and engineers. Concurrently, he has led FeverCoach’s Data Analytics and AI team, where he developed the world’s first detection and prediction model of the flu epidemic in Korea with 27 million children records. He has published his research on monitoring epidemics in the JMIR Publications in 2019. Myeongchan believes that the biggest value of state-of-the-art technology lies in solving real-life problems and dreams of hiring AI as the next medical crew in the upcoming era.

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